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The Person of the Holy Spirit – Handout for teaching #72 download this PDF Download PDF

How to Do Devotions – ‘Ideas’ Handout for teaching #79 download this PDF Download PDF

How to Do Devotions – ‘Devotional plans’ Handout for teaching #79 download this PDF Download PDF

How to Do Devotions – ‘Prayer Hand’ Handout for teaching #79 download this PDF Download PDF

How to Do Devotions – ‘Hand explanation’ Handout for teaching #79 download this PDF Download PDF

Model and Pathway to Prayer Handout for teaching #85 download this PDF Download PDF

Responding to Conflict Handout for teaching #88 download this PDF Download PDF

Titus 2:13 Rapture Outline for teaching #89 download this PDF Download PDF

Titus 2:13 Deity of Christ Outline for teaching #90 download this PDF Download PDF


103) Prayers of the Bible pt.E09/13/2020Listen to MP3
102) Prayers of the Bible pt.D09/06/2020Listen to MP3
101) Prayers of the Bible pt.C08/30/20202 Chr 14/ Job 38-42/ Dan 9Listen to MP3
100) Prayers of the Bible pt.B08/23/20201 Samuel 12,13/1 Kings 6Listen to MP3
99) Prayers of the Bible pt.A08/16/2020Genesis 13Listen to MP3
98) Resurrection Sunday 202004/12/2020Mark 5:1-20Listen to MP3
97) A Comforting Word in Concerning Times03/15/2020Psalm 71Listen to MP3
96) Jude 103/01/2020Jude 1Listen to MP3
95) 1 John 1:1-1001/05/20201 John 1:1-10Listen to MP3
94) Waves of Grace12/29/20192 Timothy 2:1Listen to MP3
93) 2019 Christmas service12/22/2019Listen to MP3
92) Joshua 7,811/10/2019Joshua 7,8Listen to MP3
91) Jeremiah 3:2209/22/2019Jeremiah 3:22Listen to MP3
90) Titus 2:13 The Deity of Christ09/15/2019Titus 2:13Listen to MP3
89) Titus 2:13 The Rapture09/08/2019Titus 2:13Listen to MP3
88) Resolving Conflict05/05/2019Listen to MP3
87) Resurrection Sunday 201904/21/2019Listen to MP3
86} Pathways to Answered Prayer pt201/06/2019Listen to MP3
85} Pathways to Answered Prayer pt112/30/2018Listen to MP3
84) Christmas Service 201812/23/2018Listen to MP3
83) Resurrection Sunday 201804/01/2018Listen to MP3
82) The Gospel in Romans 308/13/2017Romans 3/Acts 2Listen to MP3
81) The Birth of the Church06/04/2017Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
80) Resurrection Sunday 201704/16/2017Listen to MP3
79) How to Do Devotions01/01/2017Listen to MP3
78) Christmas Service 201612/25/2016Matthew 1:18-25Listen to MP3
77) What Do You Believe/Do?12/18/2016Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
76) ...beginning at Moses and all the Prophets...10/30/2016Luke 24:27Listen to MP3
75) The Baptism With the Holy Spirit04/10/2016Listen to MP3
74) Resurrection Sunday03/27/2016Listen to MP3
73) The Pastor’s Perspective on Childrens Ministry05/24/2015Matthew 19:13,14Listen to MP3
72) The Person of the Holy Spirit05/10/2015Listen to MP3
71) Hearing the Voice of God05/03/2015Listen to MP3
70) Of Crowns and Commendation04/22/2015Listen to MP3
69) Resurrection Sunday04/05/2015John 20Listen to MP3
68) Palm Sunday03/25/2015Matthew 20:17-21:14Listen to MP3
67) The Devil01/11/20151 Peter 5:8Listen to MP3
66) Raised Up, Cleaned Up02/09/2014John 15:1-8Listen to MP3
65) The Life of Asa11/10/20132 Chronicles 14-16Listen to MP3
64) Resurrection Day 03/31/2013John 20Listen to MP3
63) Peace On Earth12/23/2012Luke 2:12,13Listen to MP3
62) The Filling of the Holy Spirit: The Fabulous Fundamentals06/17/2012Listen to MP3
61) Last Days “church”06/10/2012Listen to MP3
60) Hell:Outside,Inside06/3/2012Listen to MP3
59) Am I a Neighbor05/13/2012Luke 10:25-37Listen to MP3
58) Personality or Presence?02/12/2012Listen to MP3
57) To Church To Change08/14/2011Ephesians 4:11-13Listen to MP3
56) Continuous Revival07/31/2011Listen to MP3
55) The 7 Prayers of Nehemiah07/10/2011Nehemiah 1-6Listen to MP3
54) on Miraculous Healing!07/03/2011James 5:14-15Listen to MP3
53) Deliver Me!06/26/2011Isaiah 44:17Listen to MP3
52) 18 Blessings of Prayer06/19/2011Listen to MP3
51) 15 Hindrances to Answered Prayer06/12/2011Listen to MP3
50) No Fear, but Faith!06/05/20112 Chronicles 20Listen to MP3
49) Prayer05/08/2011Matthew 6:9-13Listen to MP3
48) Broken Tiles,Mended Hearts, Messy Ministry05/01/2011Luke 5:17-26Listen to MP3
47) Forgiveness03/27/2011Listen to MP3
46) Philadelphia The Faithful Church The Faithful Marriage02/27/2011Revelation 3:7-13Listen to MP3
45) Dealing with Death06/13/2010Genesis 22:20-23:20Listen to MP3
44) Psalm 3205/30/2010Psalm 32Listen to MP3
43) Baptism of the Holy Spirit – It Is An Event!05/23/2010Listen to MP3
42) Legalism:Worshiper or Worker?05/16/2010Genesis 21Listen to MP3
41) House Rules09/30/2009Leviticus 25,26Listen to MP3
40) Prophesy of Messiah08/16/2009Genesis 3:9-15Listen to MP3
39) Application of the Good Seed07/26/2009Mark 4Listen to MP3
38) The Groaning of Sin and The Joy of Forgiveness07/12/2009Genesis 3:1Listen to MP3
37) Ways To Avoid Temptation06/28/2009Genesis 3:1Listen to MP3
36) What are Angels?/Who is Satan?06/14/2009Genesis 3:1Listen to MP3
35) Has Your Brook Dried Up?02/08/20091Kings 16:29-17_24Listen to MP3
34) Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Part 2 – Old Testament07/20/2008Listen to MP3
33) My Strength Is Made Perfect In Weakness06/15/20082 Corinthians 12Listen to MP3
32) The Foundation Is Love12/09/20071 Corinthians 12:27-13:8aListen to MP3
31) Jacob:Wrestling To The Breaking Point07/13/2007Genesis 32Listen to MP3
30) Tithing Unto The Lord04/01/2007Listen to MP3
29) Dealing With Division In The Body03/11/2007Philippians 4:1-5Listen to MP3
28) Philippians 3:10-1102/11/2007Philippians 3:10-11Listen to MP3
27) What Is An Elder?11/19/2006Listen to MP3
26) What Is A Missionary?11/05/2006Listen to MP3
25) Daniel 410/29/2006Daniel 4Listen to MP3
24) Psalm7710/22/2006Psalm 77Listen to MP3
23) 4 Steps To Being A Disciple04/02/2006Mark 8:34-38Listen to MP3
22) Evangelism/Examination12/18/2005Mark 4:1-25Listen to MP3
21) Baptism Of The Holy Spirit10/16/2005Listen to MP3
20) Put Off, Put On09/11/2005Listen to MP3
19) The Flood;Biblical and Personal09/04/2005Listen to MP3
18) Parable of the Sower08/28/2005Mark 4:1-20Listen to MP3
17) Rejoicing In Repentance07/20/2005Psalm 51Listen to MP3
16) Rapture!01/23/2005Revelation 4:1Listen to MP3
15) Revelation 1-3;Five Questions01/16/2005Revelation1-3Listen to MP3
14) Forgiveness;A Process for Reconciliation10/24/2004Matthew 18Listen to MP3
13) Evangelism Training Part210/17/2004Listen to MP3
12) Evangelism Training Part110/10/2004Listen to MP3
11) Praying Through the Tabernacle;A 7 Step Model10/03/2004Exodus 25-27Listen to MP3
10) What Is A Servant? A Study Of The Apostle Paul11/23/2003Romans 1:1bListen to MP3
09) How To Do Devotions11/09/2003Psalm 5Listen to MP3
08) Commitment and Discipline10/26/2003Proverbs 4Listen to MP3
07) God’s Provision Through God’s People07/20/2003Exodus 25:1-8Listen to MP3
06) Power Through Prayer12/22/2002Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
05) Communion Through Breaking Bread12/15/2002Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
04) Family Through Fellowship12/08/2002Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
03) Devotion Through Doctrine12/01/2002Acts 2:42Listen to MP3
02) Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses10/28/2001John 1:1Listen to MP3
01) It Is the Choice We Make10/14/20012 Samuel 11,12Listen to MP3